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What Swords Did Pirates Use?

During the Golden Age of Piracy between 1690 and 1740, pirates used Swords to attack ships and rescue their precious cargo. Heavy cannons, muskets, pistols, daggers, and grenades were just some of the Swords pirates used to wreak havoc on the high seas.

Besides all this, perhaps the best pirate Swords are the black or all-red flag they raise, like the Jolly Roger. This means that the ship must surrender immediately or face serious consequences.

What Swords Did Pirates Use?

Personal weapons ranged from various types of swords and knives to pistols and two-handed guns. The sword is considered a classic pirate weapon. They needed strength to swing and deliver fatal blows.

Unlike swords that are long and thin, pirate blades are usually thick and short, making them easier to carry on a ship and wield in close combat.

1. Cutlass sword was one of Pirate’s popular Sword

Cutlass sword Pirates popular Sword

Most pirates preferred the speed and thrust of the blade. Thin dueling swords did not come into use until the 17th century, after which they were used only by the nobility. Rather, pirates used heavy cutlasses or sabers that were pointed and sharp on one end.

This sword is designed to slash and slash opponents quickly rather than using complex sword techniques. The cutlass blade had a slightly curved blade and the hand was well protected by a semicircular guard or cage.

The blade can be up to 90 cm (3 feet) long. The blade of the cutlassfish was thick and heavy, so it could be used for other useful tasks, such as cutting down equipment in an emergency, felling trees, or picking coconuts.

2. Broadsword sword

historical pirate weapons

Another common sword used by pirates was the heavy broadsword. These were also used in hand-to-hand combat.

3. Pirate sword

Pirate sword

Pirate swords were important weapons during the pirate era because they gave the wearer the best chance of fighting other types of melee weapons. The most famous sword of the seas, the Cutlass, is remembered in pirate lore as a necessary piece of equipment for every pirate.

Other famous swords used on pirate ships were the rapier the calvary saber, the single blade, and the broadsword, the longer, and the double blade.


Pirates of the time were practical warriors and used whatever swords they could to help them capture a ship with as little fuss as possible.

Besides, if their reputation, appearance, and banner had all done their job, none of these weapons would have needed to taste blood.

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